Camera stealing gorillas, megaoesophagus in Police dogs, chocolate toxicity & feeding the (Easter) Bunny – Episode 3

With Easter just around the corner our two vet heroes delve deeply into the life and (singing) career of the shows comedic anchor, Dr Robbie.

Topics then get serious with the guys discussing the recent outbreak of megaoesophagus in the Victorian Police and South Australian Correctional Service dogs and the precautionary recall of the Advance Dermocare dry dog food. If you are concerned your dog has been affected then contact your vet or the Mars Hotline on 1800 640 111.

With the abundance of Easter Eggs lying around, chocolate toxicity in dogs is discussed and we get an insight into other animals that might enjoy a chocolate Easter Egg hunt.

Lewis then turns the discussion to what snack your children should leave out for the Easter Bunny so that you don’t harm their teeth or their sensitive gut. This should be extrapolated to anyone that owns a pet rabbit (or a long eared guinea pig for our Queensland listeners).

Finally the guys bring home the rectal glove Olympic torch with a discussion on cats that are fussy eaters.

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