Gold medals, dogs at school, cruciate injuries & pooing outside the litter tray – Episode 5

School holidays are in full swing on the East Coast of Australia, as are the Commonwealth Games and somehow the guys link Australia’s haul of Gold Medals to their recent podcast rankings.

Lewis then discusses taking your dog to school for pick ups and drop-offs. How can you tell if your dog truly enjoys this? What are the risks associated with this?

Robbie kicks off a chat on knee (cruciate) injuries in dogs and which joint he considers to a be ‘non-stupid’. How does it occur? What are the symptoms and how is it fixed? Nostalgia takes over as the guys discuss the relative merits of Nike Air vs Reebok Pump sport shoes. Robbie then shares advice both from his Nan and a respected specialist veterinary surgeon, Dr Sam Snelling.

Mailbag is uncorked and Lewis discusses cats defaecating external to the litter tray (box). What can you do if this is a problem for your cat? SBS syndrome is coined and a shout-out to all Dads reading the newspaper currently (while listening to this podcast, of course). Check out the Litter Kwitter that is mentioned here.

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