Lewis’ new job, live export of sheep, birds attacking dogs & jealousy in dogs – Episode 6

The Commonwealth Games are done and dusted and Lewis commences a new vet job. He shares the joys of consultations with young children present and looking like a fool in an unfamiliar clinic. Robbie gives his tips on discussing core strength in awkward situations.

Following the airing of the disturbing TV segment about the live export of sheep on 60 Minutes, the guys delve deeply into the topic. It is a sensitive issue but Lewis and Robbie don’t shy away from pulling the punches and calling for change.

‘When birds attack’ is Robbie’s next segment closely followed by ‘the inflatable pool flamingo is your best friend’ as he discusses some recent disturbing attacks on dogs by large birds of prey.

The mailbag is cracked and Lewis dives into the topic of jealousy in dogs – does it really exist? – you’ll just have to listen to find out.

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