Advance Dermocare food update, animals at war, Royal Corgis, cat wee (spraying/marking) part 2, essential oils and pets – Episode 8

Buoyed by listeners feedback on how tinny Lewis and Robbie’s voices sound compared to the rich tones of voice-over artist, Adam Zwar, the guys have invested in some new microphones. Please be patient with them as they get used to this new technology that is not a stethoscope or rectal thermometer.

An update is given on the recall of the ADVANCE Dermocare dry food and the possible link to 74 dogs acquiring megaoesophagus. If you have been feeding your dog this food then stop feeding it and contact your vet immediately.

Robbie recounts his recent surgical experience with an ant and gets excited about his up coming Avengers movie ‘man date’.

With ANZAC day recently, Robbie kicks off a discussion on the Dicken’s Medal – an award given to animals who have served bravely, and died, during the wars. More information can be found here:

Dickin Medal –

Simon the Ship Cat –

Judy the POW Pointer –

Lewis ponders on the recent sad Royal news of the death of the last of The Queen’s Corgis and hypothesis on how Kate and William decided on the name for the latest baby. Some Royal Mail is produced (see below) and Robbie is suitably impressed with the paper quality and colour.

Part 2 of 3 discussing cat wee problems is discussed. This week is all about spraying or urine marking and Robbie’s cat Melvin’s dry spray behaviour. What causes cats to urine mark or spray, how can you diagnose the problem and what can be done to treat it? Lewis provides a pungent smelly anecdote which, as usual, includes a gratuitous plug for his book.

The Royal Mail bag is closed and the TVTP mail bag is opened discussing the toxicity of  human essential oils in pets.

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