The Best of Episode Part 2 – Kids and Dog Bites, Bad Baby, Golden Balls, Mother’s Day Pick Up, Charlie Pickering’s Email, Dr Feelgood, Migrating Fleas, The Litter Kwitter Incident, Frogs in Ikea & Cotton Wool Phobias – Ep 30

What’s that you say?

You want another best of?

You get another best of!

Thanks for joining us for Episode 30 of the Two Vets Talks Pets Podcast – where to much talking of pets is barely enough.

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While Lewis and Robbie put the finishing touches on the next lot of new podcasts, we delve back into the vault for more podcast gold!

In this Episode…

Kids and Dog Bites

Bad Baby

Golden Balls

Mothers Day Pick Up

Charlie Pickering’s Email

Dr Feelgood

Migrating Fleas

The Litter Kwitter Incident

Frogs In Ikea

Cotton Wool Phobias

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