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Listener Questions! Cats Scratching the Furniture/Carpet, A Pet Food Recall, Scooting, Worms & Anal Glands, Do Thundershirts work? Dogs That Don’t Like Nail Trims, Dog Hip & Elbow Problems & Xrays/Scores, Euthanasia; Salt Lamps & Oil Diffusers Safety – Ep 38

Here we go! It’s Episode 38 of the Two Vets Talk Pets Podcast, where too much talking of pets is barely enough.

This episode is proudly supported by Zylkene from Vetquinol – a safe way to help your dog or cat that may be stressed or have a mild anxiety.

This episode we welcome back out friends at Prime 100 Pet foods – Australian made, Single Protein source diets for dogs and cats!

AND this episode is supported by Dr Clint Yudelman from Insight Mobile Veterinary Diagnostics – a mobile Veterinary Medicine Specialist service, operating around Melbourne, and the Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas.

In this weeks episode, Lewis talks about another diet that has been recalled.

Then we are into our Question Fest – answering our listeners questions!

We answer questions about…

  1. Scooting dogs – is it due to worms? or Anal Glands?
  2. Nail Trimming – How to do it (Click here for the Awesome Dr Sophia Yin Video)
  3. Euthanasia – How do vets cope?
  4. Thundershirts – Do they Work?
  5. Salt Lamps and Oil Diffusers – are they Safe for Cats?
  6. Cats Scratching Furniture
  7. Hip and Elbow Scoring for dogs – AVA vs PennHIP, and should all dogs have them done?

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We are going to be interviewing Dr Clint Yudelman, Internal Medicine Specialist, soon. If you’ve got any questions for Clint (including cooking questions – Clint was on MKR!)  email us at twovetstalkpets@gmail.com, or hit us up on the socials above!

Whew – what a quest-fest. It was fun. We should do it again some time…



Doggy Dementia, Anal Gland Abscesses, Stressed Pets At The Vets – Episode 19

Welcome listeners to episode 19 of the Two Vets Talk Pets Podcast!

We start off with our regular Chitty Chat, Robbie talks about a little dog who had a problem before coming in for her spey, Lewis and Robbie remember some funny plugs and things they have taken out of cats. Lewis talks about diving in the Galapagos Islands, and checking in with our old mate Thomas Hildebrandt who is up to his old tricks again, and Robbie asks Lewis whether it’s OK to laugh at YouTube videos with the kids (here’s the Video of the Cops and Robbers Dachshunds).

Into the meaty bit of the podcast, and Lewis has been looking into possible use of Stem Cells to help with Doggy Dementia.

Robbie has had a spate of Anal Gland Abscesses (cases at work, not his own), so they guys talk about causes, treatment options, and safety of surgery.

And finally Robbie talks about some successes he has had using Anxiety Reducing medications in stressed out pets to reduce their anxiety when then come in.

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