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59 Do Dog’s Get Autism? Cat Calming Music; Millipedes and Back Massages; Zebras and Flies.

What’s Up, and welcome to episode 59 of the Two Vets Talk Pets Podcast, where too much talking of pets is barely enough.

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In this weeks episode we talk about how Zebras might be tricking flies, Millipedes giving back massages, and cats grabbing tongues.

We then deep dive into whether dogs get Autism, and whether there is any links between dogs being vaccinated and getting autism.

We then talk about whether music can be used to help reduce stress and anxiety in dogs and cats, especially in the vet clinic. Lewis played a choice selection from “Music for Cats” by David Teie

This episode is proudly supported by Zylkene from Vetquinol – a safe way to help your dog or cat that may be stressed or have a mild anxiety – safe in the young, the old, the big and the small, in the Canine, or the Feline. Zylkene and Cat music – what could be better?

This episode is also supported by Prime 100 Pet foods – Australian made, Single Protein source diets for dogs and cats! Huge range, lots of flavours, for lots of different life stages, and diseases. Crocodile tapioca is like the Crocodile Dundee of Elimination diets – That’s not an elimination diet, that’s an elimination diet.

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Time to go and listen to some Cat Music, calming, purring, meowing cat music. And then I’m going to scratch the furniture…

Why vaccinate? Vaccine reactions & titre tests, Colour blindness, Mother’s Day & Lewis swaps his rubber gloves for leather – Episode 10

With Mother’s Day just passed on the weekend Lewis has an encounter with a room full of ladies who had enjoyed a Long Mother’s Day Lunch.

Robbie discusses colour blindness in dogs and cats and realises that his research may have come up short when he can’t quite answer how Guide Dogs know when the little green man at the traffic lights say it is safe to cross.

Lewis gets upset with some random Facebook post about dog’s getting Autism from vaccines and the guys then discuss in detail the reasons as to why we continue to vaccinate our pets and the long and short term side effects that may or may not be seen. (Spoiler alert: dogs (and humans) don’t get Autism from vaccines)

Robbie can be seen blushing heavily on the podcast as Charlie Pickering allegedly finally makes contact via an encrypted mailbag.

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